Welcome to my blog, MamaLife Blog! This is where I’ll share everything I’ve learned related to being a mom….and there’s a lot. From the time I started trying to get pregnant through today I am constantly doing research on everything and decided it’s time to share!

What This Blog is About

This blog is about anything and everything that can be interesting or informative to moms.  As moms we wear a lot of hats and they are not all related to our children, so while this may be a “mom blog” it addresses interests to us not only as moms but as women and people.  One of the greatest things I have learned since becoming a mom is the wealth of information that can be learned and shared between moms. I have a great group of mom friends and we are constantly bouncing ideas of each other and asking questions and offering each other advice on EVERYTHING! They have been such a wonderful resource and I wanted to be able to create a similar resource for all of the moms out there.  That’s my goal for this blog, to share the things I’ve learned with the world and hope it can help some other moms out there.

A Little About Who I am

I am a working mom of two beautiful and amazing twin boys who are constantly keeping me on my toes. I am also an attorney married to another attorney, who is the kindest person I have ever known.  My hobbies include diverse food and travel (with both interests frequently overlapping). Since I started my journey into motherhood I have become especially interested in living a toxin-free life and have learned more about natural, holistic, and alternative remedies.  Raising twin boys (and let’s get real, any number of kids!) is expensive and you combine that with my husband and I still trying to dig us out of the hole that is law school tuition/student loans and a big interest of mine is saving money and making extra money where I can. I plan to share all my tips and tricks for both on the blog.

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